Continuation of Part 1 (link)

Part 2 of our Singapore trip. Another day spent at Sentosa.

Because there are tons to do here, it’s definitely Asia’s Favorite Playground.Universal Studios, Beaches, Spa, Nature, Golf and a whole lot more!

You get to ride the Tiger sky tower where you’ll see the overlooking view of Sentosa and the city. I forgot if I enjoyed this haha all I remembered was that I was dizzy because it was turning around non-stop (literally) going up and even when you’re already at the top. :))

Youll also enjoy the Skyline Luge. Part go-cart, part toboggan, the Luge offers a truly unique outdoor experience suitable for all ages that is not found anywhere else in Singapore or Southeast Asia.

Sorry we just had to! :))

Seeking advice thru a fortune teller. :))

There will also be a tour about the history of Singapore and the different images of SG. It’s a cool museum though not the kind we have here in the Philippines. But Ill leave it for you to discover.

Of course, Underwater world and dolphin lagoon.

The eco friendly ride! I had fun but I’m a loser. It took me a while before I could finish the whole route. :| But I want to ride this again

We also watched The Songs of the Sea. I loved it. It was like Manila Ocean Park’s Fountain show, but with a different twist. :) Projector via seawater :))

Amazing right!?? :)

And finally, we went to Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo! 

After that you head on to the Night Safari. You can choose either to walk or ride the jeep. We chose to walk the whole route and it started to rain, so they gave us raincoats! Thank God for the free raincoats too because whenever I go to concerts here in Manila now, I always bring them :)

Most animals here are hard to find they’re nocturnal of course but because there’s not much light there and because it was raining that night. also, flash photography isnt allowed.

I will definitely go back to SG soon! :) It is a very fine city. and by fine it also means that they put a fine on everything. Spitting, Loitering and the like. That’s why it’s very clean!

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