I love SG. Their Prime Minister is one of the people I look up to. He’s brilliant. Singapore got its name from ‘Singa Pura’ which means Lion City. It is also known as the Garden City because there are MANY trees surrounding the City. The trees there needs to be in order and are of the same height. 

Outside the Airport. Singapore is another city that has had phenomenal financial growth. Its good fortune has been attributed to the persistent practice of Feng Shui. I swear everything here has something to do with Feng Shui

Sinapore is likened to a crab because when it’s alive, its color is green. Singapore is alive ergo, it’s green. 

Thank God my father’s company lent us a room during our stay there (despite the fact that my dad works in Middle East and not SG. cool company right!) or else, I think accommodation there wouldve been expensive.

SMRT. Even their MRT is based on Feng Shui. SMRT is Singapore’s premier multi-modal transport provider from buses, trains and taxis. You just call for a cab, and the next 5 minutes, there is one in front of you. :D

Singapore Flyer. It is the largest observation wheel in the world. You can dine here or even get married (while we were riding this, someone was getting married). It gives you a chance to see the diversified images of the city and it also explains the Feng Shui behind the buildings and landscapes of the city.

Who would miss the Merlion, Singapore’s mythical beast? :) The lionhead represents the lion spotted by Prince Sang Nila Utama when he rediscovered SG and the fishtail symbolizes the ancient city Temasek meaning “sea”. As a whole it represents the humble beginnings of SG as a fishing village.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is a waterside building purpose-built to be the centre for performing arts. 

Did you know: Water is SOOOO expensive here and locals don’t actually drink water. If you are at a resto and you are drinking water, it means you’re a foreigner. They either drink tea, or the soup provided with the meal.

The next day we went to SENTOSA. There are lots of stuffs you can do here like:

Go to Universal Studios Singapore! :D Ha! We forgot to bring our tripod so what did we do? Most of the shots, we used self timer and put it in sturdy places like benches and the most extreme, Garbage Cans! :))

Madagascar Theme Park

Shrek Theme Park

Jurassic Park. I love the theme parks here! Scary!!!! Another scary ride lies in the

The Return of the Mummy! Just walking inside the pyramid waiting for your turn makes you want to back out already. I hate the part where they stop the train and… youll have to find out for yourself :P 

Battlestar Galactica. Too bad it wasn’t ready when we went there. :(

Woot! Hollywood! Even the temperature in this part of the park is cold! :D

Broadway. These guys are actually Filipinos. !!! :)

My advice to those who’ll go to Universal Studios is to have enough rest before going there. There will be tons of walking, and walking, and walking towards every rides and attractions but it’s worth it. There’s a lot more in stored for you aside from what I’ve listed here like 4d theaters, movie simulations and other stuffs that in you’ll get tired …really. Plus the long lines to ride, but of course it’ll be worth it. :)

Wait for the Part 2 for another Sentosa adventure :)

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